Research report and webinar recording now available.

Our brand new research guide, the Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate U.S. Latinos report, offers rigorously tested words, phrases, and narratives that can be used by Latino leaders to successfully engage Latinos on climate. Findings from the report include how to link climate change to closely held Latino values and beliefs, and how to craft culturally relevant messages that will inspire hope and motivate action. The report includes:


Polling insights on Latino climate beliefs and key values to help establish common ground.


Tested themes that create optimism and intensity by relating climate change to Latino priorities.


Tips for applying these findings to your communications, including what language works best and what to avoid.

During the webinar, our research team will give an in-depth look at the report. Participants will:

  • Get a detailed overview of the findings directly from ecoAmerica's research team and research partners
  • Find out which climate issues and solutions align most closely with Latino priorities
  • Learn how to craft a personal climate message using themes and language that resonate and make an impact

Download the report.